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Road Trip Essentials + Holiday Notice

Hi everyone!

So as this post comes live, I’m probably a good 3 hours into my road trip! It was really unexpected. I was supposed to be working a few weeks but work called to say I wasn’t needed so I’m taking a vacation (from a vacation, I know it’s ironic) and joining my parents at the countryside home for two weeks. I haven’t spent summers there since I was about 17 so it will be super fun to be near the ocean, lie on the beach, read in the sun, and be away from technology…okay, I’m not looking forward that much to being technology-free, but it will be great to focus on my writing and reading and knitting. The Internet is such a distraction, isn’t it? Anyhow, I will have wifi access at my uncle’s house and will try to log on every day or two! Not only do I want to Whatsapp with the boyfriend, but I also want to try and keep up with the blogosphere. And don’t despair, I will still be posting on my normal schedule! I’ve been writing like crazy to have posts up until next week (It’s crazy how productive I can be when I’m not watching TV whilst writing)!

Anyhow, back on track!

I had to prepare and pack pretty quickly for this trip as it was so sudden! I packed a bag with clothes, one with shoes, one with books, and one with my electronics, products, etc. That all goes in the booth! For the trip itself, in the car, I’m only bringing a small bag. I don’t want to be encumbered by a backpack or anything.


My favourite cross-body bag broke last year, after 3 great years and much travelling, and so a friend gave me this bag a few weeks ago. I like it! It’s not black, like most of my bags, and has a special touch with the little studs. It’s also big enough to contain all the crazy things I’m always carrying around (Am I the only one who walks around with a book in her purse?).


I brought:

a book Lev Grossman’s The Magicians (I heard bad things about it, but I’m just at chapter 2!) // my notebook just in case inspiration strikes //my camera in case we come across something interesting // product pouch with useful little things like band aids, tylenol, tide to go, etc. // little red mirror, which I always carry on me for some reason // eos lipbalm, okay I’m lying, I actually have 4 in my bag… // my iPod filled with music and audiobooks // noise cancelling earphones for peace and quiet // my wallet for obvious reasons // sunglasses and glass case because I have eyes // some gum

Not pictured are the water bottle, the snacks, the scarf and the pillow I’ll also be bringing along!

What are your road trip essentials? xx 

P.S. I’m trying a new look for the blog, what do you think? I wanted a bigger banner with the blog’s name, which the last template didn’t allow.

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