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Random Thoughts on Copenhagen | Denmark

When I got back to the UK and started working again, I got really excited when I got my first pay check. I immediately booked us a trip for my birthday. You see, after not having access to my passport for 5 months, I needed a little adventure. Even though we were on a budget, I picked Copenhagen. You may have noticed, but I’ve been obsessed with going to Denmark for the last year or so, and I wanted to finally make it happen. We had an amazing long weekend there. Before I start posting all about it, I thought I would share some random thoughts on Copenhagen to give you a taster.

– Copenhagen felt a bit like Scotland, but better… (I still love you Scotland!)

– But! Weather wise, Copenhagen felt a bit like Scotland, but worst lol.

– I LOVE cities where it’s easy to get from the airport into town, and Copenhagen is a winner. It was so easy to hop on the metro and boom you’re there in like 20 minutes.

– We booked an Airbnb in the city centre, in the Nørrebro neighbourhood and it was perfect. It was tiny as I’m sure is the norm in most European capitals, but it was everything we needed.

– Everyone speaks English. I had been told, but still persevered trying to speak Danish. Sometimes people got annoyed when I tried to speak in Danish since it was so slow (and probably incomprehensible), but I found my basic knowledge of Danish really helpful!

– The food was amazing. I had been told that Copenhagen was a good city for foodies but I was a bit worried (because: herring). But oh my gosh it was amazing! There’s a whole post to come on this subject!

– It’s a very (geographically) flat city which probably makes it so easy to get around on bicycles.

– Bicycles! I love the ethos of cycling everywhere – be that for monetary, physical or sustainable reasons. Honestly everyone seemed so fit because of it. Even in the pouring rain, they were everywhere on their trendy bicycles. 

– The city centre has so much to see and it’s fairly easy to walk everywhere. We never took a single bus or metro and nothing was much further away than a 40mins walk.

– The water tasted different. I’m not one for noticing the taste of water, but oh I didn’t like the water in Copenhagen. I actually got completely dehydrated one day because I stupidly refused to drink the water.

– Blonde people everywhere. I never really notice people’s hair colour, but this was really striking. The Brit really fit in!

– Copenhagen has got to be the only city I’ve ever been where stuff is cheaper at the airport than in the city. Honestly it was like 45kr for a can of cola in the city and 14kr in the airport…wut?

– We watched Netflix at our Airbnb and the (obligatory) Danish subtitles followed us back to Britain! 

Have you been to Denmark? What did you think?xx

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