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Random observations about Stockholm + Vlog

On the 29th of December we were off to Stockholm in Sweden and it’s been well over a month since we came home and I’ve not written my usual ‘random observations’. I wrote one post about using our Stockholm passes to make the most of our time in Stockholm, but never really wrote about my impressions of the city. Here they are today accompanied by my first official vlog!

random observations about stockholm

Random observations about Stockholm

>> Stockholm is expensive, first and last thought of the trip.
>> We took the expensive train from the airport because there was a deal on during the holidays to travel as a pair for half the price. So we took advantage of it and it was nice!
>> Trains are so hygge (or lagom). We were obviously in the expensive train, but it was real wood, and white panels, dimmed light between stations. Just very relaxing.
>> The metro, bus, ferry and train systems are smooth. I love the access pass and the way we topped it up. It was really cool that the ferries were included too!
>> Everyone in customer service seems to speak English and French fluently.
>> It was unfortunately very wet although I was looking for a winter wonderland.
>> Underfloor heating is literally the best thing I’ve ever encountered.
>> Just like it was in Denmark, we are given two single duvets in our double bed in the Airbnb. I’m kind of liking it, no pulling at the blankets because someone burritoed themselves.
>> I love the colouful houses of Gamla Stan. It’s iconic and beautiful.
>> I’ve never seen so many dead rats in my life.
>> Eating out is expensive, but you can tell everything is fresh, seasonal and delicious.
>> Swedish people love themselves some ligonberry.
>> It’s difficult not to sound like you’re saying ‘hi’ when you try to say ‘hej’.
>> It’s difficult not to compare and contrast with our trip to Denmark. It’s so similar and yet so different.


I thought I would pull together my first official vlog as well as I filmed a few moments of our time in Stockholm.

Have you ever visited Stockholm? Do you like video content? Any tips for me to improve?xx

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