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Random observations about Wrocław + Vlog

Random observations about Wrocław

Less than a week following our trip to Sweden, I was off with a friend to Wrocław in Poland. It was such a fun weekend, we tried to make the most of it! So much so that I went to bed at 2am on my last night despite having to wake up at 4.30 to head to the airport. Oh well! We only live once!

We had the best of time. Since my friend had previously lived in Wrocław for nearly 10 years, and she returns a few times a year, she was an excellent guide. Today, to start my many posts about Wrocław, I start with some random observations and a wee vlog.

Random observations about Wrocław

>> One of my first thought was that the city looked quite rundown actually. (Also didn’t help that we took the bus from the airport to town through a bad area). It was my real first time in eastern Europe, but it reminded me even a bit of east Germany. However, that was my opinion until we walked in and saw how well they had renovated inside most buildings.
>> The cost of living is about as low as I expected. The bus we took from the airport was 3 złoty, so about 80p. The ‘expensive’ express bus was the equivalent of £2.
>> There was so many interesting and delicious restaurants!
>> Wrocław has a really cool vibe. It’s a really cool place, very hipster in all the good meanings of the term!
>> My love for pierogies persists!
>> Having a local guide made me less aware of my surroundings, but made it so easy! She also knew where to go and what was worth seeing!
>> People seemed convinced I was Polish somehow.
>> I loved having my friend as an interpreter. It felt as though I had more information thanks to her.
>> I was pretty upset to see that there were different rate changes for ‘Scottish Pound’ versus British pound. And of course the Scottish one was lower. They. Are. The. Same. Thing. Stop. It.
>> Polish girls are beautiful.
>> I’m a bit weirded out by Polish warm beer, but it’s absolutely delicious!
>> Same with tea with jam (in it)…I know, but it’s delicious!
>> I did a wee bit of research before going, and we saw most of what was on my list since the city was so walkable.
>> Which brings me to my next point, the city center of Wrocław is super walkable!
>> In one of our visits we saw photos which showed how much Wrocław had been bombed and it’s amazing how much they have been able to rebuild.
>> I’m a bit sad to report that my free European roaming data never switched on in Poland so I stayed without my phone for a few days, which was a nice way to disconnect.
>> I loved this girl weekend and will gladly return to Wrocław one day!


I’m keeping this one short and sweet this week, with more posts about Wrocław coming soon!

Have you been to Wrocław or elsewhere in Poland? What did you think?xx

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