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Penguin Love in Africa

Happy Travel Tuesday!

So yesterday I decided to take a break – it’s been a big weekend, first of having internet again! Yay! I’m finally able to catch up on life! Especially by reading and catching up on my favourite blogs! I’m slowly making my way through the long long list – but I swear I’m getting there! Two, I had to hop to Edinburgh on Saturday for a very cool meeting about st a alumni. And three, I caught the Brit’s cold so I was a bit out of it for Saturday evening/most of Sunday! And because of all that I decided to take a break and not rush to scramble something together for Monday, but put my efforts on writing you a nice little piece for Travel Tuesday!

I asked you if you liked penguins last week, remember? Well if you do, here’s the mothership!

penguin love in africa

On our way back from the big trip in the Overberg region, hopping from a Safari to a Natural Reserve to whale-watching by the seaside, as we were making the drive back toward Cape Town, we did a quick stop at Betty’s Bay! And you know what is in Betty’s Bay? The Stony Point Penguin Colony!

penguin colony african penguins

The Stony Point colony is a rescue colony/breeding ground for the Jackass/African penguin. Because it is a rescue colony, all the penguins looked a bit rough, some were missing patches of feathers or were stained. But it makes your heart grow fond of them even more! I mean some were sleeping, some were enjoying the sun, some were looking after the babies, some were off for a swim. What a sight!

penguin love penguin love 2 penguin love 3

We stopped here because it is a less popular (or perhaps just lesser known) spot to see the penguins then Boulders Beach. And it’s true, there were just a handful of us about, admiring the cute little waddling birds.

penguin love 5 penguin love 4 penguin love 6

I really enjoyed this quick stop! First, I love me some penguins and while we didn’t get to swim with them or whatever, they were right there and it felt super special! And two, I mean look at the backdrop! It’s just so damn impressive – well like everything in this country really – with the ocean and the mountains!

betty's bay penguin love pano

Would you have tried to step over the fence to hug one of these cutiesxx


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