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Palatine Hill & Forum | Roman Holiday

Hello lovelies! Happy Travel Tuesday! And it’s great that I will actually be travelling today – whaat? I’m officially on holidays as of this afternoon and we’re flying down to England for Christmas. I’m looking forward to two weeks of no work, eating, writing, and just general merriment with my man, family and friends.

Two weeks ago I finally started going through some of the wonderful things we witnessed and visited on our Roman holiday of last October. We visited the Colosseum, which ended up being one of our favourite visits. It is so impressive!

Thankfully on the same ticket, you can also visit the Palatine Hill and the Forum. They were just as impressive to be honest. We headed through to the Palatine Hill after exiting the Colosseum (and taking a minute to sit down and take a bite and some water). There was no one, so once again, I’ll advise you to go buy your tickets there if you can! 

The Palatine Hill was a lot more green and a lot more empty than the rest of the centre. It felt like we were in a parallel universe than the selfie stick crazy atmosphere of the Colosseum. We really relaxed, strolling together hand in hand, nearly alone, as we made our way up the hill amongst some tall trees.

I love it when, in cities, you find yourself a bit isolated and get to see the business from an other angle. My other favourite place in the city was the Villa Borghese Gardens – but that post will also come in due time. 

Palatine Hill & Forum

The Palatine Hill is one of the seven hills of Rome and one of the most ancient parts of the city. Apparently (according to Wiki anyway), it is where the the affluent people of Rome used to live during the Republican era. The Roman Forum is just below the hill and is surrounded mostly by ruins of buildings and temples.

It’s very impressive to walk among these buildings as even in ruins they look big and we feel so small. Especially when you put it in the context that they were built thousands of years ago. 

up the palatine hill bird prey at the forum palatine hill palatine hill forum palatine hill forum 2 trees at the palatine hill monument at the forum view over roman view over the old city

If you remember, in my previous post on the Colosseum, I said that we stayed late and it was so worth it! Not only did we walk through Rome at night in its effervescent atmosphere of summer, despite the late days of October, but we got to see the Colosseum and the Roman Forum illuminated in the darkness. It gives a completely different and eerie view over the ancient city. 

Which one of the three sites did/would you prefer to visit?xx

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