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My Ode to St Andrews

* * * This post was originally published on the admissions blog of the university, last November. People I didn’t know messaged me to say they were touched by it when they learnt I had written it. It touched me deeply in return. I decided to share it with you today. * * *



I fell in love repeatedly this year.

I fell in love with so many people along the year. Okay – some of you might not use the expression ‘fall in love’ in the way I do, but to me it is all encompassing. I fell in love with some of the most amazing friends I could have made. Some of them are part of the very best friendships I have made in my entire life. I believe I have found ‘my person’ – if you have watched Grey’s Anatomy, or just aren’t living under a rock, you know what I’m talking about. I met people from all kinds of background, people I had intellectual conversations with, people I had great laughs with, people I had (large quantity of) drinks with, people that complete me, who didn’t mind being childish with me, but who also challenged me to open my horizon, people who made me discover new things. I met people who are the same kind of crazy as me. I also met an amazing man. I do realise that makes me a statistic – but oh well, it happens! And when you least expect it.

I fell in love with reliving traditions, from academic families to may dip. With foam and gowns. I fell in love with giving tours and sharing my excitement for the uni with prospective students – and mostly their parents. I fell in love with balls and the numerous dresses I bought. With wellies and warm scarves. I fell in love with overly tall piles of books and late nights at the library. With whispering in the silent section and catching up on the first floor. I fell in love with my peers and was inspired by them.

I fell in love with small towns. With their lack of shopping options (yay less opportunity to waste my money), with their conviviality, with their number of small pubs, with their effortless travels, with the amazing accessibility to all my friends. With its nosy people and lack of privacy. I fell in love with South, Market and North street. I fell in love with the Scores and the leaves that sometimes cover them. I fell in love with the cold wind on my face.  I fell in love with the beach and bonfires and freezing swims.  I fell in love with friendly walks to the gym and gossip talks over cups of tea. I fell in love with seeing someone I knew every time I stepped outside my flat. I fell in love with wine and boozy nights. With the fog and late night walks. With romantic nights looking at the stars and stolen kisses.

I fell in love repeatedly this year.

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