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Mural Fest in Montreal

A definite highlight of my trip to Montreal (despite stuffing my face in delicious food and catching up with friends and family) was going to the Mural Festival with my parents.

mural fest title

I had been in town for barely 36 hours, still heavily jet-lagged and disturbed by some city allergies, but since the festival was ending that day, we got up early and headed out around 10am to roam the streets in search of some murals. Partnered with some sun and beautiful blue skies, it was the perfect Sunday to go!

mural fest mtl

Apparently this kind of festival is becoming more and more popular. It’s the third year it’s on in Montreal and artists sometimes fly in, paint and get back on the plane to head to another festival. It seems really in right now!

It was on for the first two weeks of June and there were over 50 murals to find along St Laurent Boulevard and adjacent streets. Apparently nearly 1.5 million people attended the festival.

mural fest map

Some of the art was giant and magnificent, some was smaller and thoughtful, some was plain weird and some just mesmerised me. I definitely think that this is one of those great free activities to do in Montreal in you’re there in early June.

As you can see from the above map, there were a lot to see. We walked around for nearly 2-3 hours and didn’t get to see them all, but it was definitely worth the walk. It also made us discover some new streets of Montreal and see the city with different eyes.

Here are just a few of my favourites:

mural fest 2

mural fest 3

mural fest 5

mural fest 4

some artists were still working!

mural fest 6 mural fest 7 mural fest 8 mural fest 9 mural fest 10

Ever went street art hunting? Which one was your favourite?xx

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