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The Dos & Don’ts of Morocco {Guest Post}

Hello lovelies! Welcome to another week of guest posts! I swear I’m back next week with lots of catching up to do about my newly (re)started life in Scotland! While I’m settling in, I have some amazing bloggers taking over for me! I’m so lucky that these lovely ladies actually wanted to write up a little something and share their travel/expat experiences on my blog. Each and everyone of them is amazing, so please feel free to explore their own blogs after seeing them up here! 

Today we have the amazing Sammy taking over! I discovered her because she is a former co-host of the Travel Tuesday linkup and I love her style of writing but also how uncomplicated it is with her. If she doesn’t like something she’ll say it and I really love her honesty! The way she talks about travel is also super inspiring!

Oh hey there! My name is Sammy and I blog about my travels and life as an Aussie in London over at To The Days Like This. I am all about experiencing as much as I can when I travel – whether that be good or bad – it’s all a part of the adventure. Camila has kindly allowed me to write a post for her page and I am just so obsessed with Morocco at the moment – I had to share it with you all.
The home of cous cous, tagine, camels, rugged mountains and rolling sand dunes – Morocco is a vibrant country that is such an affordable destination for travellers. On my recent visit there I was captivated by the food and culture and only wished I could have seen more (I will go back!) If you are thinking of visiting Morocco, here are some Do’s & Don’ts.
DO visit the night market in Marrakech and feast on fresh food
Such a fantastic way to experience all the chaos of the main square in Marrakech. Wander (if you can) through the night market and pick a stall to eat at. The food is fresh and cheap and the service is quick and lively.
DON’T underestimate how much water you will need
Morrocco is hot. Stock up on bottles of water if you know you will be on a long car or bus ride. Don’t underestimate how much water your body will need as you get further out into the desert.
DO sleep under the stars
Such an amazing, peaceful experience. Sleeping under the stars, with no electricity or running water is so serene. You will have one of the best sleeps of your life (if you can forget about the potential bugs that may crawl over you).
DON’T ride a camel
Okay, this is just a trick one. You should totally ride a camel – but just let it be known that it bloody hurts. I am talking the most uncomfortable journey of your life. I had to try and side saddle my camel at one stage – I was on the verge of tears.
DO keep your wits about you in Jemaa el-Fnaa
This is the main square in Marrakech and the people there are known to be quite aggressive with tourists. If you take a photo of a performer, be ready to cop some abuse until you fork over some cash. They are relentless. You may also be forced into getting a henna you don’t want. Be aware of your surroundings. 
DON’T fall asleep in the car through the Atlas Mountains
The Atlas Mountains are incredible. The winding roads may make you feel a bit woozy, but the views are worth it. I have never before experienced such a WOW factor while traveling. 
DO get your haggling on
Everyone loves a haggle in Morocco. Don’t be afraid to halve the price of an item – this is the usual practice in Morocco. You can get a bargain if you are willing to haggle your heart out.
DON’T miss out on eating tagine
A traditional Moroccan dish that is served in a tagine pot. A slow cooked savoury stew, made with meats, nuts, vegetables, lentils and dried fruit. Delicious.
DO try and look like the biggest tourist ever and buy a head scarf
Or, maybe not?
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