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Montreal From Above

Hi lovelies!  Today is the start of my Montreal themed week! So prepare for lots of Montreal love hitting you for the next few days.

montreal from above

Today I wanted to start with an overview of Montreal, to introduce it to all of you! I mean you might know a few things about Montreal already. You might know about its festivals, its amazing gaming and special effects industry, about its cuisine, about its melting pot of cultures and the fact that its officially bilingual. You might also know about its harsh winters and its overwhelming summers. There is lots to know about Montreal – it truly is a multifaceted city if ever I saw one!


Montreal, formally known as ‘Ville-Marie’, was founded in 1642. Nowadays, it is the biggest city in the province of Quebec (but not its capital) and second largest city in Canada. It is situated on an island at the south of the province and near the Canada-US border. The city itself is about 1.5 million in population, but the greater metropolitan region is at almost 4 million. It is officially bilingual, with more than half the population speaking both French and English. Montreal hosted the Olympics in 1976, has the highest winning team of the NHL and hosts every year the Canadian Grand Prix and the Canadian Open. Every summer, it is the host of a plethora of festivals, from the Just for Laugh festival, to the International Jazz Festival, to the Fireworks Festival. It is also the city with the highest concentration of post-secondary students in North America (I think it’s right up there with Boston actually). See? Lots of different facets! I wasn’t lying 😉

As promised in the title, today I’m also sharing views from above – mainly views from the mountain, Mount Royal, and from the Olympic Stadium Tower.

same view from one of the belvederes - you can see the Olympic stadium in the background

same view from one of the belvederes – you can see the Olympic stadium in the background.

view from stadium

View from the tower and you can see Mount Royal in the background – they say it is an extinct volcano.

olympic tower

I have to say that I love the view from the tower because you get to see much further and see much more of the city! You can see the more residential areas, you can see the bridges to the south shore, the skyscrapers of the city centre, the Mount Royal, and well how green this amazing city is!

city and river

But look at this view? I mean the Mount Royal also offers amazing views! It’s hard to really pick which one is my favourite! What I love here is that you get to see a bit of the mountain so it’s super green, then you see the city, especially the buildings of city centre, and then in the background you have the St Lawrence River and can even see the mountains on the south shore (which are about 45-60 minutes away!). It’s an beautiful juxtaposition!

downtown montreal

towards the west

my undergrad uni is somewhere around there

montreal panoramic

I mean look at this? Have you seen cities so beautiful and so green? I have an obvious bias and Montreal will forever have my heart, however, trust me when I say that it’s a fantastic and beautiful city!

Which one is your favourite view?xx


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