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Milles Feuilles & A Look Back on my Bake Off Experience

Happy Monday!

Aw this is so bittersweet! I mean this is it – the end of the Bake Off Bake Along.

My experience following along the Great British Bake Off this year was a very enlightening one! I mean I found the show ridiculously British and dramatic at first, but then every week I couldn’t wait to see the beautiful delicious bakes the contestants would do and see Nadiya’s new scared face. I got completely immersed in it and in all honesty, I did shed a few tears of happiness when Nadiya won! She was so happy and inspiring. Very happy for her! 

While I’m sad to see it end, I know my (and the Brit’s) waistline will be very happy! 

To tackle this last challenge I knew that I wanted to do the Milles Feuilles – which by the way I didn’t understand the English pronunciation until I saw the dessert. I love a good Milles Feuilles, but it also meant doing pastry again!

I know I said I wouldn’t do pastry again, but I did! I made my pastry from scratch and I knew something was wrong quite early on. And then, mistake #2, I left it in the oven way too long! Because it had the baking sheet on top of the pastry I kept thinking the pastry wasn’t cooked enough so I left it in there for twice as long as recommended. Therefore it was probably about twice as hard as it should have been. But thankfully it was still edible! I made the Chantilly cream and topped with some raspberry jam and some fresh raspberries, it ended up looking not too shabby! 

milles feuilles 1

milles feuilles 2

milles feuilles 3

Not a great ending to my Bake Off Bake Along journey, but I’m still so proud of it! Taste over look was definitely my strength this summer! 

Here’s a look back on all my bakes: 

[easy-image-collage id=5924]

[easy-image-collage id=5925]

Looking back on all my bakes, I’m so proud! My favourite was definitely the creme brulee, which I will be making again soon for sure! Though I might invest in a blow torch!

This Bake Off Bake Along really pushed me and challenged me to try new techniques, new desserts, new flavours and I am so grateful! I’m grateful to all of you guys for your encouragements, and to all the other participants for inspiring me and for Amanda and Ala for hosting this challenge. My bakes were all a bit wobbly looking and flawed but I love all of them and I’ll only get better with time!

What was your favourite bake?xx


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