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Unboxing the May Wildling Beauty Box

On Friday 1st June, my May Wildling Box finally arrived after a week of waiting! I was so excited! It’s the first time I sign up to one of these monthly box schemes and it felt like getting a present in the mail. That I paid for obviously, but it’s easy to forget.

The Wilding Box is a monthly lifestyle subscription box that is cruelty free and offers products ranging from skincare and beauty, to snacks and accessories.

I first read about this box on Amanda’s blog, and was convinced right away to try it out. At the moment, I have the money at the moment to sign up to a wee bit of extravagance every month, so why not. I signed up to the 3 month plan to try it and see how it fares over a few months.

My first box was lovely, though slightly underwhelming. I get to that a bit lower in the post.

Here is my vlog about the May Wildling Beauty Box:

Here are the products I received and tried:

The first product I tried was from the Scottish Fine Soaps Company. The product was the Red Stag soap in a tin, which is part of their new wildlife collection. I tried the soap at the gym. It smelled like a normal soap, nothing extravagant, but it felt great on the skin. It retails for £5.50.

Next was the hydrating body milk from Lucky Cloud. It felt so good on my skin! Very milky indeed! However the scent, sweet orange and vanilla put me off a little as I dislike most things orange flavoured or scented. But it’s easily forgotten! It retails at £11; however it is currently sold out on the Lucky Cloud website, so feels lucky to have gotten one 🙂

The next product is the Wild Cow strengthening conditioner from Cow Shed. This one really surprised me! In a good way of course as it was a full sized bottle, the whole 300ml of it. It retails for £18 so it’s awesome to have gotten in in this box! I tried it and it made my hair feel amazing. I’d been using the Veganese conditioner from Lush and lately had stopped, but using this one I saw a difference.

Then, I got a very well-presented nail polish from Ciaté, colour Holiday Blues. The name really struck a post-holiday blues chord, and I loved the the colour which is so funky! I put it on and it feels very bold but perfect for the summer! The product doesn’t seem to be on the Ciaté website, but it retails on the Tesco website for £8.25.

I got the all in one in one, Get Your Kit off Cuticle Remover. As you’ll see in my vlog, I was SO confused by this product. I brought it into work and asked a colleague who is great with makeup and she was also confused. I turned the pen all afternoon and at some point the liquid came out. And then we realised the sharp end of the stick could be used as the cuticle pusher (real term, so weird). I don’t have much cuticle so felt a bit pointless, but I tried it. Not sure I’ll use it again. I can’t find this product anywhere on the site that butter London is using, but I’ve found it on various sites for £6-9.

As a vegan snack the box included chocolate from Manna Bonbons. It is so well presented in it’s own little wee package. Manna Bonbons provides raw and fresh vegan chocolates. The one I got was called Nutkin, which included toasted hazelnuts and cranberries. It was amazing and I gobbled it up super quickly. The Nutkin pack sells for £5.95

I also got two wee accessories, a pin and a patch. I think overall it’s the part that I found underwhelming because I knew that they got a tote in the last box. Also, because I’m not vegan it feels like I can’t really use them, so they’ll probably be going to vegan friends of mine.

may wildling beauty box

Overall, I have very positive thoughts about the Wildling Box for May. All the products (minus the accessories) come up to a whooping £55 (ish) worth of product for the £25 the box costs. That’s a pretty good deal if you ask me! I definitely see myself using all these products as well so no waste. I’d love to see maybe more products that don’t have too much plastic packaging – love me a soap in a tin what can I say.

As a first impression, I’d recommend this box if you love beauty and skincare products and even more if you are vegan or support it. Looking forward to next month’s box!

Have you ever signed up to a subscription box? Was it worth it?xx

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