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Visiting the Logan Botanic Garden | A Photo Diary

During our trip to Galloway last month, we were driving back from the Mull of Galloway and saw a sign for the Logan Botanic Garden. My in-laws are quite the horticulturists, so we stopped there for a visit. It coincided with lunch – which was a perfect setting to grab a bite sitting outside.

The Logan Botanic Garden is situated right near Port Logan, which is about 25 minutes drive from Stranraer. The garden is owned by the same people who own the Edinburgh Botanics so it feels like a similar experience, but on a smaller scale.

It boasts about being Scotland’s most exotic garden. That’s because, where it is situated, it is warmed by the Gulf Stream, and therefore offers a good climate for southern hemisphere plants. It also boasts about being the UK’s first ‘green’ public conservatory, which is powered by heat pumps and solar power.

It’s open daily between March and October. Unlike the Edinburgh Botanics, it isn’t free to roam around but costs £6.50 per adult to wander around.

When we were there there was a special exhibition about Chile. Which I thought was such good timing as I was there. I felt very concerned as you may imagine 😉 While they didn’t offer that many interesting flowers within the park, they did feature many Chilean plants. In the discovery centre, there were drawings and descriptions of the various ecosystems that Chile offers (which is, a lot!).

My favourite is obviously the copihue, the national flower of Chile. It grows mainly in my dad’s region and I have had a wooden copihue on my keychain for the past 14 years.

Can you tell I’m obsessed with succulents? What’s your favourite flower to photograph?xx

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