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Living Hygge this Summer | Picnics & Meteor Watching

Welcome back to the Living Hygge series! After writing five posts (one each month) since the beginning of the year, I thought it was time to move forward. Many of the previous suggestions could be done all year long (even more if you cross between the north and south hemispheres). So I thought I would do it seasonally instead! 

Today I’m sharing the best suggestions for living hygge this summer and later in September, I will share a post for living hygge in the autumn.

The Little Book of Hygge has many suggestions for the months to come:

In June, it’s all about elderflower cordial and celebrating the summer solstice. I’ve discovered how important midsummer is in Scandinavia through some Swedish friends. For me, midsummer is important because that’s when I met the Brit and that’s always how I remember it. A summer bonfire to celebrate the solstice on my favourite beach. 

I discovered cordial when I moved to Britain and I find it so very refreshing in the summer. Though I haven’t yet developed the taste for elderflower. Here are 3 wee recipes for you:

This brings us nicely into July! For this second month of the summer, the book recommends picnics. Where best to enjoy that cordial you’ve just made, right? Picnics are my favourite because I love snacking and I feel picnics are best enjoyed with loads of small dishes to be shared. We’ve already had one this summer, because May was so nice! In Scotland (like in Denmark I’m sure) the weather is always a bit difficult so our picnics are usually spontaneous. Or we’ve even had picnics indoors in other years! 

My favourite month for many reasons is August with its meteor showers. I spent my childhood going to the countryside for most of August and we always enjoyed nights sitting outside watching out for the Perseids. There is almost nothing better for a clear summer night, to cuddle into a blanket outside (after a bonfire maybe?) and look out for a lucky star.

Finally for September, they recommend mushroom foraging because it is at its best in late summer and early autumn. I have this thing, that when I think of my life in Scandinavia (#goals) I would see myself foraging for berries and mushrooms and herbs. Truth is, I’m a bit scared of nature and I especially don’t like mushrooms. I also know that in Scotland I’d probably end up with some sort of very bad stomach bug from eating the wrong kind of berry or mushroom. Best keep away in my case! But I’ve been super inspired lately by Cynthia who has been foraging and started studying herbalism! 

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What’s your favourite way of slowly enjoying the small moments of summer?

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