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Living Hygge | January

little book of hygge

Hygge was really in last year! And, like anyone obsessed with moving to Denmark, I was all over it. I read a whole three books about it last Autumn alone.

Hygge is described as ‘cosiness’, but it’s truly defined by how one feels: safe, warm, love, cosy.

When I read The Little Book of Hygge: The Danish Way of Living Well, one of the chapters, ‘Hygge All Year Round’, inspired this series. In this chapter, they give idea on how to focus on the concept of hygge and live life Danishly, every month of the year.

Hygge is mostly associated with winter, due to low temperature, low light, candles, blankets, and hot drinks. Because of that, I thought it was interesting to read how to include this idea of slow-living and appreciating the smaller things in life all year long.

For January, the book proposes the idea of movie nights, which I love! It’s perfect to start the year relaxing and staying in cuddling and staying warm in the comfort of your own home. Especially that January is often a cold and dark month that seems to go on forever. May as well make a movie marathon of it!

Tips for living hygge this January:

>> Have a movie marathon with friends, going wild and starting when the sun sets, i.e. in the afternoon.
>> Buy all of the candles in post-Christmas sales.
>> Have a solo movie night, as the book proposes. Pop some kernels, grab your favourite blankets and put on your favourite movie.
>> Host a trivia night with some friends. Everyone brings a snack or part of a meal, and let the games begin.
>> For one of the days left to the January weekends, don’t make plans, sleep in, grab a cuppa, grab your favourite book and see where the day leads.
>> Go for a daily walk, with no electronics.
>> Write a hand-written letter to a friend or family member.

Personally, I’ll try to enjoy slow living a bit more this year, starting this month. This means not blogging and tweeting when I watch movies with my Brit, enjoying just sitting and listening to music, and not bringing electronics into the bedroom.

Will you try to live hygge with me this year?xx

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