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Living Hygge | March

To continue my Living Hygge series, welcome to the March edition!

February has come and gone and March started with a snow storm. Which is ironic because in my Living Hygge post, I lamented the lack of snow. We then spent the first week of the month buried under snow and we did go sledging in the end! It was chaos in the UK, but I loved my time in the snow!

Now March is truly on its way, today marking more than halfway through the month. I’ve been excited by the prospect of more daylight, better weather and our impending holidays coming in April. 

For March, The Little Book of Hygge recommends a thematic month. Pick a theme and run with it for the month. My own understanding is that either focusing on a new habit for a month will help making it part of your routine, or it’ll make you discover something new, or it’ll just be lots of fun!

Here are my suggestions for picking a theme this month:

>> Pick a country and go with it
If you’re flying to a new-to-you country soon, why not make it your theme of the month. Take some online language courses, host a wee dinner party with that theme. I’m especially in love with the food safari Marcella does with her friends.

The book also says “If you can’t go to the country, bring the country home to you.” Which I think is a beauty! I’m off to make sushi with friends tonight, and Japan was definitely on my list!

>> Pick something that matters to you and focus on that this month
While I try to be conscious of it every month, this month I’ve been focusing on feminism. It helps that March also means ‘International Women’s Day’. I’ve been having serious discussions with my man and with friends (especially comes up when people ask if I’m changing my name…) I’ve also been reading inspiring women (currently reading Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg and Wide Sargasso Sea by Jean Rhys).

>> Try something new
There was Veganuary and Dryuary, but nothing is stopping you from doing your own thing this month. Want to do a month without gluten or sugar? This is your time.

>> Explore your own hobbies further
Do you already blog, or play music, or dance? Why not lean straight into it? Try making a vlog, try a new series *winkwink, go to classes that expand your knowledge, take cha cha if you do ballet, try a ukulele if you do guitar. It may be easier than you think, and add so much fun to a hobby that maybe is falling too much into routine?

>> 30 day challenge
This is the perfect time to give yourself a 30-day challenge. Like the 30 days of yoga or 30 days of recipes, perhaps?

What would be your theme this month?xx

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