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Living Hygge | February

Can you believe we’re almost in March? February has really flown by for us and I’m not entirely sure where it went or what we did.

What we did do though is embrace slow living, focusing on spending time in our home, taking care of ourselves and hanging out with friends in relaxed setting.

For February, The Little Book of Hygge recommends a day or weekend on the mountain, skiing and enjoying the cabin with friends. They say the best part is being exhausted after a day on the mountain, huddled around a warm fire with friends, all drinking some hot cocoa. Doesn’t that sound dreamy?

Sadly, we didn’t get to hygge in the snow too much this month. The UK isn’t the best place for a ski getaway, and my Brit has not done much snow sports. I’m committed however for us to experience it, but perhaps it’ll have to wait for Canada!

Tips for hygge in the snow this February:

>> Go for a walk when the snow is fresh, the snow absorbs all the sounds and surroundings become very peaceful.
>> Try a snow activity if your climate lends itself to it: snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, sledding.
>> With any snow activity, even if it’s not on the slopes, you may want to treat yourself to a hygge evening afterwards. Get your friends together, make some boozy hot chocolates, and bonus point if you have a wee stove or fireplace to set the mood.
>> If there is enough snow, try making a snowman and be creative with the shape. This one will be especially popular with children.
>> If you’re in the UK, this is time to go walk through fields of snow drops.

If you’re interested in reading more about living hygge or getting more tips, check here for my first post introducing my living hygge series.

Do you try embracing slow living? What steps are you taking this month?xx

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