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My Life in Agile | Sprint 3


Another fortnight has gone by and it wasn’t a good one. Generally and Agile-y. It started with my (our) goal of moving house. So we had sold our house and bought a new one, mortgage and all, but some awful man made the whole thing crumble. We lost our offer and the new house within a few days of our move-in date. It was devastating. After a few days, we regrouped and we’re on a new path. But it truly messed up a lot of our plans, big and small, including my sprint.

Here’s a look back on my goals for Sprint 3:

>> Move house
Sadly this hasn’t happened yet…

>> Read another book
I did! Very happy about that. I finished reading through a cool book about Amsterdam since we’re heading off there this week. I’m also halfway through The Versions of Us and started A Year of Living Danishly.

>> Proofread my Brit’s thesis
I didn’t get to this one because he’s putting finishing touches to it. When he’s done, I’ll get to it.

>> Read 2 articles
I did! I found a few interesting articles about folk dancing and gender performance. My research is slowly dipping toward social science. It’s very rooted in reality, which is a change after studying literature!

>> Blog four times
I blogged three times only. I was going to post last Friday but I forgot I was going out on Thursday and came home late and a bit tipsy so went straight to bed without putting the finishing touches to the post.

>> Finish the outline for one of my blog guides
I did! I finished my outline of my guidebook to St Andrews. I’m really excited about it!

>> Catch up on all my blog reading
Because I didn’t finish this one on the last sprint, I had to push it into this new sprint. As I’m writing this I have 6 left to read, so should be done by tonight.

What I learnt from Sprint 3:

>> Life events can really mess up a well meaning to-do list and you can’t mitigate against that.
>> You can’t control what others do, so it’s good to be flexible.
>> A weekend is a perfect time to catch up on to-do lists!

What’s coming up next for Sprint 4?

We’re off on holiday to the Netherlands and then a friend from Canada is coming for 5 days so we’ll be busy bees.
>> Blog four times
>> Proofread my Brit’s thesis
>> Finish two books
>> Book our next trip
>> Keep up with blog reading
>> Write 5 pages of my St Andrews guide

What are your goals for the next week or so?xx

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