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August is here! Julying.

What a funny joke..not…well kind of. I laughed at this for a while by myself. 

Anyway, July was a quiet month for us in terms of adventures and such. You may have read about it in my Agile post yesterday, but we were meant to have moved house. So July was meant to be a big one for us. Buying our first house together! But it didn’t exactly happen that way. It’s simply been postponed for now. Let’s leave it at that.

>> The month started with a lot of excitement, with the last few of my 28th birthday celebrations. 

>> The first weekend of July were the last few days to catch films at the Edinburgh International Film Festival. I actually saw two films. Sueño en otro idioma, a harrowing and kind of funny Mexican beauty of a film. And the quirky British rom com, This Beautiful Fantastic.

>> We went to The Cambridge Bar to watch Chile and Germany play in the final of the Confederation Cup. Sadly Chile lost, but did they so well – and the German goal was a fluke – so quite proud of them in terms of efforts!

>> We had a delicious afternoon tea at the Signet Library in Edinburgh – courtesy of a lovely Canadian friend of mine.

>> The Brit tagged along as I went to Dundee to see a girlfriend of mine. We lounged in the park for a while, catching up before going up Dundee Law – by car, lazy us! We also went along to Broughty Ferry and I loved it. It was still a bit cold (despite it being mid-July) but the seaside made me happy. It felt like a less sentimental St Andrews. And we finished the day back in Dundee stuffing our faces with tapas!

>> We attended a friend’s birthday party where everyone had a baby except for us. We didn’t really participate much in the conversation except to say that we’d woken up late after binging on Netflix the night before, to which they all answered ‘we hate you’ lol 

>> I went out with three girlfriends who are doing their PhD with my Brit. (Side note: best way to make friends I tell you!) We got some BrewDog vouchers and for £7 each we got pizzas and prosecco. It was delicious and fun!

>> I caught up with a coworker I hadn’t seen since I left the UK last year. I had truly missed her, so it was amazing to catch up!

>> I bought new glasses, which really excites me! It was unexpected because I really love my current glasses. But as I was waiting for the optician, I fell in love with one pair. I put them on and showed the Brit to which he answered ‘of course you like them, they’re purple’. A detail I hadn’t even picked up on! 

>> And today! Today isn’t July anymore, but I had to highlight something. Today, 1st August, is my four year anniversary with my Brit. Can’t believe it’s been so long and yet so short. I love him more every day. <3

What have you been up to in July?xx 

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