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Itinerary for 2 days in Copenhagen

Spending three full days in Copenhagen last June, we crammed a lot in and saw everything we wanted to see. We lounged a lot – it was a birthday holiday after all! – so I think we could have pushed to see it in only 2 days. I thought I would put together a concise itinerary for 2 days in Copenhagen for those with only a weekend to spare.

Day 1 in Copenhagen

Take an early morning flight and arrive into Copenhagen bright and early. If you can, leave your bag at your accommodation and get walking.

First stop, Nyhavn. Enjoy the famous canal and perhaps grab a waffle or crepe from one of the canal side shops for a late breakfast. From there, take a boat tour leaving from the canal. It will give you a good overview of the city via it’s most famous feature, water.

Walk toward the University of Copenhagen and go up the iconic Round Tower. The views from this ancient observatory are worth it and it’s only 25kr per person.

Head to Torvehallerne to grab a hearty lunch. If you like seafood, stop by the Hav stall for some delicious smørrebrød or seafood salad. They will keep you full until dinner time! What you can do is also grab your food to go and head over to the Botanic Gardens to enjoy the sun (if you’re lucky!) and have your lunch on the grass over there.

Visit Rosenborg Slot, which is right near the food market. Chances are there may be a queue. Good thing is when you buy your ticket you can ask for a particular time (depending on their availabilities). So if it’s nice out, head to the gardens surrounding the castle before heading into the castle to learn more about Copenhagen and their kings’ history.

Head out for dinner in Nørrebro. It’s a lively neighbourhood with many bars and restaurants. If you fancy it and the weather is on your side, there are free concerts on Fridays at Tivoli (though you still need to pay for entry) and on Sundays at Nemoland in Christiania.

Day 2 in Copenhagen

Wake up early and grab breakfast at Grød for a delicious and hearty porridge bowl.

Head to Christiansborg Slot. The tower opens at 11am for visitors (for FREE!) and the views are totally worth it.

Walk down to the canal side to view the imposing Black Diamond extension to the National library. You can go inside and even see the old library.

Head over to the Copenhagen Street Food market right across the water from Nyhavn and the national theatre. There is truly something for everyone there and prices are affordable.

Back across the bridge, follow the seaside toward the north-east of the city. You’ll be able to see Amalienborg Slot and gardens. It’s well worth the stop as the square is impressive and beautiful. From there, keep heading north, following the seaside. You’ll ultimately find your way to the little mermaid. There isn’t much to it, so I’d say you can skip it, but it is truly wonderful if you can tune out the bus loads of people who are around you. If you have a bit more time you can also stop by the star-shaped fortress nearby.

There is so much more to do! From Tivoli, to nightlife, to bike tours, to walking around Freetown Christiania, you can add even more to your trip if you want to! 

What’s your favourite thing about Copenhagen?xx

2 day itinerary through copenhagen

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