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Expat Diaries | In which I have a life again

I’m finally back with some more expat updates on how life is going in the beautiful moody Scottish land. Since I last wrote, so much has happened. March has been quite busy, so I’m always on my phone. That means that if you follow me on Instagram, you’ve probably seen it all, but I thought that today I would share my recent news and victories.

>> The Brit and I hosted a party with many of our friends to celebrate my new ‘immigration’ status and the fact that I’m back after so many months away. It was so fun and spontaneous!

>> You know how I had secured 5 interviews last time we ‘talked’, well in the end I got 9 interviews and 2 job offers! It’s been good for the self-esteem I have to tell you!

>> This leads me to my next bit of news: I started working again! Yay! It had been so long, I was really excited and nervous leading up to my first day, but it’s been going great! Not only is this finally an editor role, but it’s in the arts sector, so I’m living the (incidentally poor) dream!

>> The Brit and I spent a day out in Glasgow, enjoying a nice brunch at VineYard28 before heading out to the Botanic Gardens. Expecting a day of rain, it was a pleasant surprise to walk in the sun for a while. It really feels as though spring is here!

>> We also went to Edinburgh to watch the last rugby game of Six Nations for Scotland. They won against Italy, which created a great atmosphere at Murrayfield.

>> We (and by we I mean mostly me) have been in Edinburgh quite a lot lately, which prompted my ‘perfect day in Edinburgh‘ post, mostly because that’s what it was a few weeks ago. I caught up with a friend whom I hadn’t seen in two years, and after an amazing brunch, we ended out to a friend’s flat to have tea and cake all afternoon. The BEST day!

brunch at urban angel edinburgh

>> I headed to Perth for an interview. I made the most of it, staying in town afterwards to grab lunch and walk around the beautiful city centre. Thankfully, the rain was quickly replaced by summer-like sunshine!

>> We spent last weekend in St Andrews, which was dreamy! The Brit was in town for a conference, so after work at the end of my week I took a bus to go meet him. Hotel was paid for, so that’s always a plus! I caught up with an old friend, we walked around our beloved alma mater and place where we met, and mostly enjoyed the sea air! Though I got attacked by a seagull as I tried to enjoy a sandwich by the sea…clearly I’ve been gone too long because I had forgotten how big and menacing they are! Still not enough to ruin the weekend! And how about that weather, right? I know it’s very British to chat about the weather, but it’s been amazing!

>> Blogging wise, I’ve been trying to post more consistently lately, which I’m managing to do and I’m quite proud of! Also, small victory, but I finally got over 100 likes on an Instagram photo! And I’m nearly at 1000 followers on Twitter! All the feels…even though my social media game has been down since I started working again…gotta work on that!

What have you been up to lately?xx

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