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Why You Should Visit A Chilean Hot Spring

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One of my favourite memories concerning Chile (despite all the much needed family reunion time) is definitely going to the hot springs – or thermal waters as we call them in French. They are told to have great qualities for the skin and having a relaxing nature. I can vouch for both of those!

While I have recently been to hot springs in Africa, I definitely loved the ones in Chile because many of them felt very natural. The architecture, the access to the water and even the decor just made it feel like you were really part of nature.

I have only been to hot springs in the Araucania region (it being the region we spent the most time in since that’s where my dad is from), but there are hot springs everywhere in the country. From the Atacama desert in the north to the lake and volcano district in the centre, to the Patagonia in the south – you can definitely find something that is convenient for you as an excellent day trip or even weekend relaxation. I learned a lot from the Turismo Chile website here.

Though I have not seen the whole selection of it, my personal favourite was definitely Hot Spring Quimey, Termas Quimey, which is about 30km from Pucon and the Villarica volcano.

view thermalhot spring quimey

I went there over 10 years ago, but it’s still so sharp in my memories as being such a good day out. My brother and I were children/teens and thoroughly enjoyed it, so did my parents and my grandmother as well, so it’s definitely great for all ages.

pab et cam thermal

I thought the decor was so splendid, inspiring and serene. What made the experience even nicer was that we were right next to a beautiful river. They offered some steps/ladder down to it so you could freshen yourself up in cold water.

Hot Spring River 2 hot spring river

It was my brother and dad’s favourite thing to do. Dip into the cold water of the river before running up and jumping into the warm pool. It creates a weird effect of warmth which I can’t truly describe to you if you’ve never tried it.

Hot Spring Water

There was also a ‘cold shower’ which you could pour on yourself if you weren’t brave enough to jump into the river…which I totally did! Exhibit A…

Ever been to a hot spring? Where was the best experience?xx


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