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Havana Vieja | A Photo Diary

During our trip to Cuba we spent two days in Havana. And, although they were stressful days, visiting Havana was eye opening. I absolutely loved it. We spent the first day with friends of my cousin (he used to live in Cuba for a while) and it was great to get the local perspective and some real Cuban tips. The day was filled with warmth, good conversation and good drinks. The next day was particularly hot, so we hopped on a few taxis to get around a few more sites before getting back on the bus to Varadero.

I’ve said it many times already but Havana Vieja (the Old Havana quarters) is potentially the most beautiful and interesting city I’ve ever visited. Walking along the small and lively streets of the old part of town was amazing. The atmosphere unmatched by any other city I’ve been to. What stunned me was the architecture, the colours, the music, the people – everything making for an adventure of the senses. 

We mostly walked around (seeking the shade), hitting the few spots the Brit and I had hoped to see. That included the Plaza de Armas and the Plaza de la Cathedral.

Today instead of writing on and on as I usually do, I’m sharing some photos of the Cuban capital to show you what and how we saw Havana.

Havana vieja
Have you ever visited Havana vieja? What did you think?xx

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