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A Guide to Travelling Abroad from my One Year Old Self

We all know that travelling is fun – why would anyone do it if it wasn’t, right? But there are tough moments and there are always lessons to remember and new discoveries to be made. We all get better at dealing with jet lag and with long haul flights and with adapting to whatever foreign thing is thrown at you.

This guide to international travels is inspired by the photos my parents sent me of my first trip abroad. I was 1 year old and already on a conquest of foreign countries! Let’s just say I have learned a lot since – but looking back at those photos, I was already on the right path to becoming a world traveller!

Here are my 8 lessons to take fully advantage of a trip abroad:

LESSON 1 : Big trips always begin with long travels and it’s important to rest up and try to catch a snooze so that when you arrive to your destination you’re fully rested and even perhaps adjusted to the new time zones super quickly!


LESSON 2 : Make sure to visit historic sites. You will become even more knowledgeable about the place you’re visiting and it will add to your culture.

LESSON 3 : It won’t be a good trip if you don’t take a few good shot with your travel companion.


LESSON 4 : Adapting to new ways of transportation is very important to get around easily in a new country. It is also usually cheaper!


LESSON 5 : Discovering the wild life is also a must.

camila poules

LESSON 6 : Take an interest in the traditions and unique characteristics of a country. Discovering what their national animal or tree can be so important!

camila arbre

LESSON 7 : Landscapes were and are definitely one of my favourite parts of discovering a new country. I live so far from the reality of volcanoes or mountains – and it’s important to experience and see these different ways to live! Added bonus – they make for great photos!

camila volcano

LESSON 8 : Always remember to have fun. That big mountain range behind you will still be there tomorrow – the occasion to have fun at this exact moment in a foreign country is not to be missed!

camila jouer

There, you’re ready to go abroad and enjoy it as much as possible. Hope these 8 lessons from my one year old self have helped a little to inspire some wanderlust.

What are your travel tips?xx

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