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Goals and Plans for 2020

Another year has come and gone. We celebrated the arrival of 2020 quietly at home. We live right below Stirling castle so we just popped out at midnight to watch the fireworks.

It’s mad to think we’re now in the 20s of our generation! I was thinking of doing a goals posts for the year and decade ahead, but that seems unreasonable.

In truth, I have no idea where we may be in 10 years. I hope the Brit and I are still together and thriving. Still travelling, still loving our jobs. I hope that maybe I have a PhD and maybe children, but who knows! We’ll see where things go and we’ll keep taking the opportunities that come our way. (Well I guess that was a mini list after all!)

In a more realistic manner however, I have some goals and wishes for 2020. Some are already in the plans and some of them are just hopeful thoughts.

edinburgh at sunset

My goals and plans for 2020 are:

>> Do more mindful meditation. We started the year with a flow meditation session at work and I really want to do more of it. It really helps with my anxiety, especially before going to bed at night.

>> Go on a trip over Easter weekend. I get the whole four days off and it’s a great opportunity for a trip. Last year it was only two weeks before our wedding so we couldn’t manage a getaway, but I want to take advantage of it this year.

>> Read 40 books. I managed 40 last year, so I’ve set my 2020 Goodreads challenge to 40 again. I’m already on my fourth book, so it’s going well!

>> Discover new-to-me places in Scotland. I love to visit my adoptive country and every year we have a few wee adventures. I want to keep that going, even if it’s just to visit a new town or two.

>> Visit friends in Sweden. Dear friends from Stirling recently moved to Sweden and we really want to visit them in Gothenburg.

>> Save more money. I want to keep growing my savings for future plans, travels and potentially going back to uni.

 >> Attend two weddings. Some of our closest friends in Stirling are getting married, which is so exciting! And one of the Brit’s uni friend is also trying the knot this summer. We were invited to a third wedding, in India, but sadly couldn’t manage to fit that one in!

>> Return to Spain. I’ll be going to the Balearic Islands for a weekend of sun hopefully!

>> Honeymoon in Portugal. The Brit and I have been trying to go to Portugal since 2017 but had to cancel and postpone a few different times. We also had to postpone our honeymoon for a while. This year is hopefully the year!

>> Run the Edinburgh half-marathon. After running the 10K at last year’s event, my training partner and I promptly signed up to do the half-marathon in 2020. I’m a bit worried because I’m very slow, but I want to keep pushing myself!

For this big challenge, I’m raising money and awareness for ME Research UK, if you’d like to donate to a worthwhile cause.

>> Visit Manchester, maybe London again and Sheffield. Last year I visited a few cities in England, which was fun, and I’d like to make that happen again this year if I can manage a few long weekends.

>> Road trip in Eastern Canada. This year, I’m not going back home. Instead the Brit and I will be flying to Halifax and taking on a road trip of the Maritimes (from Nova Scotia, to PEI and New Brunswick) to reach my mum’s childhood home on the Quebec eastern coast. I’m very excited to discover more of this part of the country and to introduce my Brit to my grandparents’ old home.

Do you have any big plans for the year ahead?xx

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