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Glasgow Getaway with CitizenM

This April, the Brit and I decided to do a weekend getaway in Glasgow, which we had never done before. We went down on Saturday (Glasgow is an easy 30min journey from Stirling) and had a lovely afternoon in the city centre. The first thing we did was check in at our hotel, CitizenM. It’s very well situated, near the Queen Street Station and the central bus station. It’s right near the Scottish Conservatoire and many of the city’s theatres.

It was an easy check-in experience. So easy both the Brit and I were in awe at how cool it was. You also get to pick if you want a lower or upper floor and if you want a courtyard view or a city view. We obviously picked a top floor (who picks lower floors?) with the city view! I’m a city girl at heart so I wanted to breathe it in. We went on our way up to our room located on the top floor. There aren’t many high buildings in Scotland, so it was really nice to have a view from the 7th floor of the hotel.

The room was SO cool! CitizenM offers very compact rooms, but they have everything you need. Not only did the hotel room welcome us with my name (!) but our view was amazing! We could see the west of the city from the room, right into the nearby mountains. Then we were like “let’s see what’s on the tv” and when we couldn’t find a remote, we laughed that the remote control would be the room’s iPad. It was! We were like children in a toy store and spent the next 30 minutes playing with the iPad. You can regulate the blinds, the telly, the lighting, and basically everything through the iPad. It was so cool, we even joked about doing this at our home one day.

After relaxing a little bit on the most gigantic bed I’ve ever seen, we headed out for afternoon tea at the Willow Tea Rooms. It’s one of my favourite places for tea and cake in the city and it didn’t disappoint. After walking a bit along the River Clyde, we took the train south of the city to go see a new modern ballet show at the Tramway. We both really enjoyed it. Watching art, dance and/or theatre, always inspires me so much.

From there we went out to a late night dinner before rushing back to the hotel to watch a movie. I know I know, most people who spend Saturday night in Glasgow would go out, but see, we don’t have a telly at home, so it’s always something we enjoy in hotels. They have such good movie choices too! We watched Rogue One (which was disappointing, what did you think?) before pulling down the blackout blinds. 

During the night it was a bit noisy. Mostly due to drunk people coming back late and being inconsiderate. The only possible downside to a hotel stay in a bustling city centre…especially in Glasgow. 

The next morning we woke up bright and early and headed down to a nice breakfast at the hotel canteen. It was nice and open with a lot of different seating areas. The hotel offers a buffet-style breakfast with a lot of options. There is tea, coffee, juices, eggs, pastries, toasts, bacon, etc. I’m personally not a fan of British/Scottish breakfasts, so I got some a toast with scrambled eggs, and couldn’t resist a pain au chocolat. The Brit was a bit disappointed by his Scottish breakfast as it was all a bit dry (the problem with most buffets), but I really enjoyed the pastry! Honestly for £10.95, the breakfast is a nice addition to your stay if you like that sort of food. I don’t eat much so a sort of buffet style meal never really suits me personally.

All in all, we had an excellent weekend! It was so great to go out in Glasgow and not be rushing for a train home. 

I would highly recommend the CitizenM in the city centre of Glasgow if you want to spend a weekend in Glasgow, to go to a gig, to enjoy the nightlife, for a quick getaway or even if you have to jump on a bus to the airport early the next morning. 

**This post was in collaboration with a brand, but all opinions are obviously my own.**

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