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Visit at the Glasgow Botanics | A Photo Diary

A while back I did a photo diary post of my visit to the Edinburgh Botanic Gardens. Now It’s time for a post about the Glasgow Botanics! I’m a big fan of Botanic Gardens in general. I used to go to the Montreal Botanics often – though it’s crazy expensive, it’s lovely and worth it. Gardens usually allow for such nice walks through different climates. The dry climate with the cacti and succulents (who else is obsessed with succulents?) is always my favourite!

The Glasgow Botanics is situated not too far from the Hillhead Subway station in the nice West End area of town. Just a few minutes’ walk. The Glasgow Botanics are also free! What? I know, it’s amazing. It’s free entry to the grounds AND to the different glasshouses. It’s less lavish and interesting than the Edinburgh one, but since it’s free it feels pretty damn good to me.

Visiting the Glasgow Botanics is a must if you come during the summer. And it’s the perfect area to check off seeing the Hogwarts-looking campus of the University of Glasgow at the same time.

glasgow botanics

Do you have a favourite flower? Mine is definitely the peony!xx

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