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Expativersary – 1st (& 2nd) Year in Scotland

I can’t believe that this is it – my expativersary! 

It’s officially been a year since I moved back to Britain and in with the Brit, but today I’m also marking that it’s officially more than two years of British life since I first made this big leap of faith back in 2012! 

photo st andrews

I moved to Britain in September 2012 and spent over a year in that place I still call my heart home. My first ‘real’ expativersary was celebrated in St Andrews itself in September 2013, and I was in and out of the UK for a few months following the end of my Masters. After a short spell back in Canada, I moved back to the UK on 1st October 2014 and after a lovely day in London arrived in Scotland on 2 October to be reunited with the Brit. 

2014-10-02 16.40.20

It’s been a crazy year – full of ups and downs.

We reunited and lived in Edinburgh for a while. Living in Edinburgh was great! I loved it and it was a perfect place. Despite the tourists crowds in the centre, it’s a beautiful place I’d love to live in again. Sadly, I found it difficult to find work and because of that we ended up in Stirling.

with the brit


We moved to Stirling where we both currently work and often enjoy lunch breaks and walk homes together. I definitely call myself lucky on these counts!

It’s no secret I don’t enjoy living in Stirling – thankfully we have started to enjoy life here because of some great friends and because we finally made our flat look like a homely place.


We’ve taken trips around Scotland. We’ve been to Largs, Blair Atholl, Dunblane, New Lanark, Iona, Mull, Oban, Fort William, Mallaig, Glasgow, Glenfinnan, Inveraray, Balloch, Port of Menteith, Perth and North Berwick. 

north berwick 10 glasgow road trip 5 road trip 10 road trip 16 road trip blair atholl watermill eight month scotland dunblane

We spent an amazing Christmas in England and a memorable New Year’s in Edinburgh!

second snow new year's eve new year

I visited London the way it deserves and made childhood dreams come true!

harry potter studios blate marcella hp studios 34 shard 4 shard 3

I’ve gone back to Canada to visit friends and family. 

montreal summer photo diary 13

What I take most preciously from this last year is all my travel and visits around Scotland that remind me what a beautiful country this is. And of course this marks a year of living with the Brit. I thought it was going to be hard to live with a boyfriend at first, but in all honesty, call me a lovesick bird, but I’ve loved him more every day since. And we have so much more in front of us! 

road trip edinburgh 9 edinburgh 20 calton hill north berwick 2015-01-01 00.08.08 selfie tantallon flat mat elephant house bathroom st andrews harry potter studio june month by numbers family edinburgh zoo nights 8 10th month celebrations 10th month plane mural fest 9 mallaig 10th month st andrews

Here’s to another year of ups and downs, full of discoveries, yummy meals, awesome friendships, adventures and love! xx

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