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Why I’m Excited to Go Home in 6 Gifs


As you are reading this, I am currently on the plane home! It’s been over 8 months since I moved to the UK for the second time and I thought that I would treat myself to some holidays back home. The UK has not known the kindest of Springs, so it’s going to be amazing to be home in Montreal for over 2 weeks!

Here are the reasons why I’m excited to be home, in 6 wonderful gifs from the world wide web:

1. Maple syrup, maple syrup everywhere!
maple syrup

2. Gorging myself in poutine

3. Feeling the warm sun on my skin


4. Wearing summer clothes
summer clothes

5. Hugging/hanging out with my parents

6. Last but not least, reuniting with friends!

Also – obviously taking some holidays from my job is also very welcomed! Got lots of lovely things planned for the rest of June, so keep in touch on Instagram and Facebook!

What is the one thing you really can’t wait to be home for?xx

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