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Done With St Andrews – Now What?

Since a bunch of you have said that I should keep writing about St Andrews, I thought I would oblige and write a few more posts for as long as I have inspiration! So glad that (some of) you aren’t annoyed with me yet 😉

Of course my post isn’t completely about St Andrews – so I guess I’m cheating a bit! St Andrews is a very small town (remember the 3 streets?) and you go around it very quickly! Obviously, there are great places to visit in Scotland : Edinburgh, Stirling, Inverness, the Highlands, etc. but when you’re based in St Andrews, like me and the people who came to visit who stayed with me, then there are closer things that are worth a visit! I don’t know the region of Fife that well but I did a few trips and they were so great! So if you are in St Andrews for a weekend – or a long weekend perhaps – I would totally advice going out of the town for a day to go explore!

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Here is my short list of wonderful things that I found hidden on the coast of Fife:

1) Anstruther — If you want good fish & chips in Fife, you must make the trip down the coast to Anstruther! It is such a quaint village, the harbour is beautiful and the fish bar there has won countless awards for its fish & chips! Tip: Don’t do like me and go to the wrong fish bar — sorry mom! I went back a second time and did get the famous fish & chips and they were delicious, they felt lighter then the usual greasy F&C! If the temperature is nice you can also take it to go and sit by the sea!

2) Pittenweem — It is the quintessential Scottish seaside/fishing village in my mind! We walked there from Anstruther because a friend of mine who lives in the area told me about the Pittenween Chocolate Company! We arrived by accident near the water and walked around the harbour for a while and it was just the cutest! And if you’re not convinced yet, you probably will be by the Cocoa Tree Shop! The best hot white chocolate I have ever tasted!

3) Isle of May — I did not make it to the Isle of May but T and L did and they said it was so lovely! I unfortunately would have never handled the boat ride there! You can reach the island either from Anstruther or Crail on a ferry that takes about 45 minutes to reach the island. It is one of Scotland’s official National Nature Reserve, so there are no inhabitants but it is opened to visitors all summer long. The main inhabitants of the town are birds actually! Dare I say puffins? The island is usually full of sea birds and in the winter months is usually adopted by Grey seal pups. I’m sure I’ve convinced you by now!

4) Fife Coastal Path — It is part of Scotland’s great trails and includes about 190km of path! The coastline of Fife is absolutely gorgeous – I mean you’ve seen the St Andrews photos! – and although I never made the walk I can guarantee that what I have seen of it is amazing! Obviously don’t try to do the whole thing in a day! But the website suggests a few routes (like St Andrews to Crail for example) and if the weather is on your side it could be such a great day!


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anstruther to pittenweem

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pittenweem walk

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belgian waffle and white hot chocolate

So if you are ever in the St Andrews area or need to escape the city for a day or two (from Edinburgh) I definitely suggest trying to find your way to a small seaside village in Fife!

Ever been to Fife? What is your favourite coastline activity?xx

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