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Craving the Beach

Today won’t be a post full of words. I know I always talk too much 😉

portobello beach

Today is simply because I’ve been craving the beach.


When I lived in St Andrews it was so easy, it was right there if I needed fresh air or alone time or to take a look at the amazing beauty that is the North Sea. When I moved to Edinburgh I was afraid I was going to miss it – and I did (which is ironic since I have now moved to central Scotland).

portobello 2

One day – before I got my current job – I was a bit down and the Brit decided to cheer me up by bringing me to Portobello beach. Portobello is about 3 miles from the city centre and so we took a bus for a few minutes. I really liked it around that neighbourhood, I thought it was super cute.

portobello 6

The beach in itself is nice, very long, full of children and dogs running around. You see almost all the way to North Berwick and you see Fife.

portobello 5

Every time I get to the beach I feel so tiny and like the world is balanced again. Like I have enough air to be able to keep going. It’s freeing really.

portobello 3

It also helped that on the day the sky was just amazing – all the colours and all the shades. We showed up there around 15-16h so the sun was starting to set over the horizon.

portobello 4

Days like that and sights like that make me feel peaceful and are definitely moments that are welcome in a stressful and busy life.

Do you ever crave for a beach moment?xx

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