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The Colosseum | Roman Holiday

Happy Travel Tuesday! I’m taking this lovely opportunity to finally start sharing what we were up to during our Roman Holiday of last October! Yay!

On the second day of our week in Rome, we decided to sleep in a little and headed out to the centro storico around lunch to go visit the Colosseum, Forum and Palatine Hill. I have so many photos of that day out that please forgive me as I split this into two posts. Come back next week to see more!  

Our first stop was the Colosseum, after buying our tickets at the Forum’s entrance and having a quick lunch, we headed toward the massive entrance. It was so impressive! You get the idea of grandeur right away as you try to escalate the giant staircase. It seems ludicrous to imagine that men and beasts used to fight one another in this arena and that everyone came to watch under the shackles of the emperor. 

The Colosseum’s construction was started in 72AD and took 8 years to build. Back in the day, it could take in nearly 100,000 spectators and is still to date the largest amphitheatre ever built. 

The Colosseum was one of my favourite visits when we were in Rome and I definitely recommend going! I wish I had read more about its history beforehand, but it was still a fascinating visit. If you’re more of a history nerds, there were tours literally everywhere around us! I caught some glimpse of tours and facts in English, French and Spanish all around.

I had seen some photos, on the blogs I read, of the Colosseum at night and they were exquisite, so I made sure we stayed in the area until sunset so that we could admire the lit Colosseum in the darkness. It was 100% worth it! The Colosseum at night is stunning!

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If you visit Rome, I really recommend stopping by the Colosseum, not just because it’s a tourist attraction but because it’s a sight to behold. It was incredible! The day and night contract is also to be seen!

Entrance is €16 per person and that includes the Colosseum, the Forum and the Palatine Hill. You can buy your tickets at any entrance – we headed out to the Forum’s entrance and waited just about 15 minutes to buy tickets. Retrospective tip : we soon realise that we should have definitely gone to the Palatine Hill entrance. It was completely empty when we headed there.

Come back next week for photos of the Palatine Hill, the Forum and some delicious Italian food!

Ever visited the Colosseum?xx

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