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Canada vs UK: Food Edition

Hello! Happy Friday!

This post has been a long time coming!

When you have lived in two different countries, it is easy to start comparing. I know I know we shouldn’t be comparing because you can’t compare apple and pears, right (although lets be honest apple wins since it keeps the doctor away)? So why compare countries from different continent? Because it’s fun to reminisce! When I’m in the UK I miss Canada and when I’m in Canada I miss the UK. There are no winners here!

I’ve seen a lot of USA vs UK because a lot of bloggers are from the US, but today this is Canada vs UK! This is the first post of many and it’s all about the food!


Canada : A country of approximately 35 million in population and 10 million square kilometres of land. I’m from the French speaking province of Quebec which has 8 million inhabitants and takes up to 1.5 million square km of land. The biggest city is Montreal with a population of barely 2 million. Our biggest resource is water. The temperature goes from -30 during the winter to above 30 in the summertime.

UK: It is an island of less than a quarter of a million square kilometres and a population of about 65 million. The capital is London with its almost 9 million people. The biggest resource is oil. The temperature average goes from 0 to 20 degrees during the year (taking Edinburgh as a mark).



maple syrup

I could write an entire post about maple syrup. I LOVE it! There isn’t a moment in the year when we don’t have maple syrup in the fridge, it’s a staple of the Canadian diet. You can put it on everything from meat, to eggs, to pancakes, to add it to your tea or coffee. When I moved to the UK, I brought cans with me because I didn’t want to risk it! I’m glad I did because maple syrup was ridiculously overpriced in the British supermarkets! I know I shouldn’t expect it to be the same since it’s a Quebec product, but it’s still lacking in my opinion. Also, I’m sad to be the bearer of bad news, but when most restaurants serve maple syrup it’s been diluted or mixed with something else!


The lack of poutine. This is the same situation as with maple syrup – poutine is a meal invented in Quebec so anywhere else is just a pale imitation! I heard two girls who are working in London have a poutine stand called P’tite Poutine at the Broadway Market Schoolyard every Saturday. I’ve never tasted it so I can’t tell you if it really is authentic but I look forward to tasting it when I’m back in the UK! And it’s definitely making me want to do the same once I move to Edinburgh! Make everyone taste the Quebec deliciousness that is poutine!

whipped cream

I know this sounds silly but I love good whipped cream, whether with fruits or on my crepes at brunch. The first time I bought whipped cream in the UK it never actually whipped. Then I bought an aerosol ‘squirty cream’ (so inappropriate) and it was gross. The Brit told me that the thing to do to have a thicker cream is to whip double cream. I’ll know for next time!

clotted cream

What the UK lacks in whipped cream they make up for with clotted cream! That thing is gold! It’s served with every afternoon tea and usually available whenever you order a scone. When I started planning my afternoon tea for my birthday in Montreal a few weeks ago, I looked into buying clotted cream. It took forever to find a place that sells some and when I called they said they didn’t have any and that I had to call back a week later when they got their delivery. I finally was able to buy a small can for a bit of a ridiculous price. It was all worth it to give a true experience though!


I didn’t eat bacon while I was in the UK as I try to avoid eating meat in general; however, what I saw I didn’t like. The first time I saw bacon in the UK I thought it was just ham, a large slice of thick ham. Maybe it’s just me, but I like my bacon in streaks and very crispy.

* * * *

Did I forget something? I probably have, so let me know below if you would add anything to my list. If you aren’t from Canada, let me know what items of food you missed while in the UK or which one you miss from the UK now that you’re back home! xx



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