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How to Do a Budget Visit of Copenhagen | Denmark

Oh Copenhagen – the only city in the world I’ve ever been to where stuff is less expensive at the airport than in the city itself.

It’s a tough city to do on a budget, unless you intend on not eating, drinking and/or visiting anything. But today I’m sharing some tips for planning a budget visit of Copenhagen. Personally, when I went, I picked one castle to visit, and I knew I wanted to do a boat tour, apart from that I knew the rest of our money would go to food. When in Copenhagen, right?

Here are my tips for a budget visit to Copenhagen:


>> There are some really affordable flights all year long from the UK into Copenhagen Airport. Usually for less than £50 and usually with Ryanair.
>> Whilst in the city, transportation is very easy with the Copenhagen metro. It takes you direct from the airport into the city centre. It works 24/7 and is pretty affordable. Single tickets costs DKK 24, or about £3.
>> Cycling may be a great and cheap way to go around – you may even get them for free with some accommodation if you’re lucky.


>> Accommodation in Copenhagen is expensive, shop around as much as you can and book early!
>> Depending on how budget you’re trying to go, it may be worth booking a room in a hostel or Airbnb instead of a whole flat.
>> While booking accommodation in the city centre may save you money on transportation, you may want to look just outside the centre, even on the metro line or within biking distance.

Food & drinks

>> If you have the luxury of a kitchen, go out to shop for food. Places like Lidl and Netto are pretty cheap. You can even make yourself a homemade smørrebrød by buying some rye bread and some topping. Cheap, local and delicious!
>> Eat out at the food markets. They are a cheaper and easy way to sample the best that Danish food has to offer. It’s sometimes good while you’re on the go and good for your wallet.
>> Carry water with you everywhere. If you can, bring empty bottles with you from home and fill it at your accommodation. It’s free and you’ll avoid more drink costs. A simple bottle of water or coca cola can could set you back £5.


>> Pick only a few things you may want to visit if you do want to visit expensive things. There are also cards if you do intend on picking multiple things, such as the Copenhagen Card or the Parkmuseerne card. 
>> There is plenty to do for free in the city. Take advantage of that! Go up the tower of Christiansborg Slot, have a stroll around the botanic garden or Kongens Have, go visit the lonely (or not so lonely during peak season) Little Mermaid, see the modern Black Diamond library, or walk around the iconic Nyhavn port. Some other things are pretty cheap too, such as the Round Tower which is DKK 25, or about £3.
>> Walking around Copenhagen is like an open-air museum, it is absolutely gorgeous. If you’re there and it’s nice weather, take advantage of it and see the city by walking.

This is my last post about Copenhagen (about time, amiright?) but if you want to read more of my other posts click here!

What’s your best tip for doing a budget visit somewhere?xx

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