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Blair Atholl in Photos

On the 1st of April, a new Dutch company took over Scotrail and, in celebration, gave up to £1M worth of tickets away. At first we thought it was a well fabricated April’s Fool, but quickly we realised it was true! The destinations were quite restricted, but we decided to go for places we otherwise wouldn’t have thought of buying train tickets to. We got tickets to Blair Atholl, Dunblane and Largs, before it all ran out.

The first weekend of May was the weekend that our ticket to Blair Atholl were active so we headed out one grey morning out toward the north.

Blair Atholl is a small town in north Perthshire, maybe just over an hour from Stirling. It is apparently now part of the Cairngorms National Park as well. It is mainly known for its castle and its distillery. We didn’t expect much when we went, but we knew it would be a cute day out and about and a great way to discover a new place!

Today won’t be the usual verbose post that I’m probably known for now. I don’t have much to say about Blair Atholl. It was absolutely lovely and beautiful all around, but I’ll let my photos tell the rest…

blair atholl view blair atholl watermill blair atholl gaelic blair atholl mill blair atholl river blair atholl woods blair atholl arch blair atholl walk blair atholl castle blair atholl blair atholl bridge blair atholl gardens blair atholl chicken

It was such a nice day out. We had an absolutely delicious lunch and visited the beautiful Blair castle, where the Brit was attacked by chickens! Last weekend we also headed to Dunblane on the same kind of tickets and next weekend we’re heading to the west coast to Largs. Exciting – I love me some free trips! And more Scottish adventures to come for the blog!

Is there a small village that has astonished you beyond belief?xx

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