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10 Awesome Things About Berlin

Earlier last week, I finally finished my Germany Series, after weeks, or perhaps months! Germany has always been very close to my heart ever since, because despite some problems during my first expat time and my first true culture/language shock, it was an amazing experience and definitely helped me in growing and becoming more independent and also in dreaming to one day live abroad!

To conclude on a great note, I thought I’d share a simple list of awesome things you can look forward to experiencing if you move or simply decided to visit Berlin, Germany!

10 awesome things berlin

1 – Public transport.

Okay, let’s start with a cliche, Germans are known for their efficiency and their public transit system absolutely falls in that category. Obviously, I’m from Montreal and the public transport there is good. But the one in Berlin is great! I absolutely love how easy it was to catch the U-bahn or the S-bahn, in any direction and to go anywhere in the city. Not really affordable, but I’ve always said I’d rather pay more and have a great service!

2 – How walkable it is.

Yes this sounds like #1 again, but what I mean is that the city is very walkable and good for biking around, etc. The city centre feels very small and it makes it so easy to get around. If you simply stop at Friedrichstrasse, the options of restaurants, visits, etc. are endless.

3 – How much history surrounds this place.

This usually applies to most European places, but since it was my first real visit to Europe, as a Canadian, it felt extraordinary to see buildings, and art, etc. that has been there for centuries. The other thing I love so much is how open they are about the stories and mistakes of the past and how they have reminders so that this never happens again. Visiting Berlin will be a true learning experience.

4 – The range of museums.

I wrote an entire post about this and I shall repeat it again, Berlin is the place to go to see art, old or new, to visit memorial, to learn about the past, to learn about Berlin or German history. There truly is something for everyone out there.


5 – The food.

Actually, I didn’t have the best of food when I was in Berlin, but I loved the street vendors and I love how the markets had a lot of outside stalls. And the restaurants were really amazing. I still remember how I felt the day I had this amazing pasta dish with broccoli at the Romeo und Julia restaurant near Hackescher Markt.

6 – The language.

It’s no secret that I love German. Despite people saying it sounds like a rough language, I find that it sounds amazing! It really grew on me while I was staying in Berlin and studying at the Deutsch Institute.

7 – It’s so international.

Berlin is full of people from everywhere. And everywhere we went, there were people who spoke English and French and any other language. There were restaurants of any origins so we could dine depending on our bellies’ desires. It also felt like we were just part of the big Berlin family. Even though we spoke French a lot between us, it never felt as though I was a foreigner and even ended up calling Berlin home by the end.

international berlin

8 – Its proximity to other European cities.

To me, this was also a first. Having other cities so close, having so many different cultures and countries just a few hours away. I loved it. And while I didn’t really travel that much outside Berlin, now I know better and I know how easy it can get to go to another country for a weekend!

9 – They know how to party.

I was only 18 when I stayed in Berlin and I wasn’t really much into going out yet, but I had such fun in Berlin! Either when we went to restaurants and grabbed some drinks, or we’d go out to bars and clubs and dance or sit and order Nachos. It was always a good time. And let’s not forget, that I spent New Year’s Eve there and it’s one of my favourite travel memories ever! They sure known how to throw an epic party!

10 – Its beauty.

I fell in love with Berlin the minute I got there. It’s one of those places that really gets to you. The beauty of its architecture and its art, etc. is just one of the things that will make you love Berlin as well!

brandenburger berlin

Ever been to Berlin? What was your favourite thing about it?xx

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