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Afternoon Tea in Edinburgh with Bloggers

Happy Friday! I have no idea where time has gone, but I’ve been meaning to share this since last November. In September and October, I was mentioning on a few London bloggers site that I was getting super envious of their blogger events and meet ups. And in one of the comments Amanda mentioned that maybe I should try to create my own. Well I did try!

I started to try to arrange a blogger meet up in Edinburgh – but it ended up being a bit difficult since I don’t carry much weight. Obviously haha. I turned to bloggers I knew and new bloggers I found, and though many were interested, it turns out that only two made it on the day we had planned. 

I had a lovely afternoon tea with two of my favourite Edinburgh-based bloggers : Mel from Everything I Wished For and Jordan from Beer Time with Wagner

We went to Mimi’s Bakehouse in Leith. It is one of those amazing places to grab a cuppa and a sweet treat! I highly recommend their afternoon tea as it was delicious! 

We also ended up having a blast! Always trust fellow expats and bloggers to have fun and have a lot to discuss! It was also hilarious when we all whipped out our cameras – people around us took notice and probably thought we were weird – if only they knew we were bloggers!

afternoon tea mimis mimis afternoon tea

I’m a big fan of scones and theirs were very good! I ordered vegetarian (eggs) sandwiches all around and they were delicious. The treats were a bit too sugary for my own taste. We all struggled to finish them actually – but they were great nonetheless! The ambiance was a bit intense, as it was highly busy with everyone chatting loudly, but it felt like a great effervescent place to meet fellow bloggers and chat away for hours. 

mimis afternoon tea delights mimis sandwiches afternoon tea cake

Ever been to Mimis? Where was your favourite afternoon tea?xx

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