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30 Before 30 Update at 26

Hiya! So big news – today I’m turning 26! Woaa crazy, I still don’t look a day over 22 I know! 😉

During my 25th year, I accomplished a lot, from moving to Britain for the second time around, this time with the Brit, finding a job, travelling through Scotland, visiting London, having my first blate, and rebranding and relaunching my precious blog. I’m so proud of myself! It was another tough year, but a pretty badass one that proves I can do anything!

To mark today’s event, I’ve had a quick celebration yesterday with some friends, but will probably celebrate some more once I return to Britain in a couple days. In the meantime, I’m updating my 30 before 30 list.

If you remember, I only had 20 items last year on my list, giving me time and space to add some more, and along the year I added a couple to come up to 25. Dreams do change and evolve year after year and I want this list to represent my growth toward 30. Which is a scary thing on its own!

1. I’ve added visiting 5 European countries, which is super doable!
2. Thanks to Ursula from Northern Ambitions, I’ve decided to add running/swimming/cycling a Sprint Triathlon.
3. I want to read 150 new books.
4. Go to the opera, ballet and theatre at least once a year.
5. I want to go skinny dipping because it looks like some damn good fun!

1. Move in with the Brit — It’s been going so well! Like so much better than I thought it would be to move in with a guy. But he’s not just any guy, he’s my Brit and I love him even more every day!
2. The road trip — The Brit and I went on a road trip over Easter and it was amazing! I mean Mull and Iona are absolutely must-sees if you come to Scotland. And how badass is it that I went on my first real road trip and I drove on the other side of the car and road?
3. This year I was able to go to the opera twice and to the ballet once. I’ll have to make up for my lack of theatre next year!
4. I read approximately 30 new books in the last year – so I’m well toward my 150 goal!
5. And I’m always a little step closer to finishing my novel too!

You can keep an eye on my 30 before 30 list here.

What would you add to your bucket list?xx

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