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2016 Wishlist & Goals

2016Wishlist & Plans

I’m joining on the bandwagon and sharing a wishlist and goals for 2016! 

Planning for 2016 has definitely been very hard for me because I’m currently on a visa that expires in October of this year. My current contract at work expires in July so there is lots up in the air right now. I’m hoping that by then I will have secured something permanent that will allow me to stay on a work visa! Please cross your fingers for me!

// Definitely highest goal on the list is to find a better job that leads me to a work visa! Hopefully in Scotland so we don’t have to move again. //

// I want to finish my novel. It was a goal for 2015 but I didn’t do much toward it until I jumped head first into NaNoWriMo in November. It’s really put me in the mood and my novel is going really well, so hopefully it will be finished, edited and sent out to publishers by the end of 2016! //

// I want to do lots more trips around Scotland! We travelled a lot locally for 2015 and I want to keep those weekend explorations and adventures going for 2016. We want to see more of Dundee, go to the Borders, visit Linlithgow, hop to a new island, and do lots more activities in Edinburgh and Glasgow. I’ve recently updated my Scottish & Edinburgh bucket lists and merged them into my Ultimate Scottish Bucket List, if you want to check it out. //

// I’m looking forward to heading to North America in March/April – I was accepted to speak at a conference on gender at the University of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, so I’ll be heading there for a few days and I will also be heading out to Colorado to meet up with my best friend that I haven’t seen in almost 2 years and a half. Exciting! //

// In 2014, I read 26 books and so gave myself the challenge to read 36 books in 2015, but only made it to 30. I’m giving myself the challenge to read 34 books this time around. Let’s be friends on Goodreads if you like books! //

// I’m hoping to make it to at least 2-3 new countries in Europe. The Brit and I really want to see Dublin, Copenhagen and perhaps Budapest this year if we can! //

// I want to make it down to London again! It’s such a great place that I love to visit and there is so much I want to still see down there, and so many of my friends have moved there so it’d be a great reunion. //

// Keep putting myself out there. Last year I started putting myself out there as a freelance writer and got my first big contract, which was amazing! I loved doing that and I think it’s great experience. //

// Blogging wise I definitely want to keep this blog going – it’s such a great way to share things and create a community. It’s really slowed down since I started working full time, but I really want to keep it going at least with one or two posts a week if I can. //

What are your aspirations and goals for 2016?xx

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