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15 Daily Thoughts I Have Now That I’m a Blogger

Last night when I went to bed I kept having great ideas for blog post titles. Then I realise that I think that way too many times in one day. Blogging, in a way, has completely changed how I think about/see things. Sometimes, I’d be in the middle of doing something and I’d wonder if it would be blog-worthy. You know what they say…

write and do


Anyhow, this has, in turn, brought me to compile my most usual blogging thoughts and make this list of 15 things I think about daily now that I’m a (self-proclaimed) blogger!

15. I’m gonna have to google that HTML code for the 100th time…
14. I need to find a DIY/craft project to do on here!
13. Am I actually being useful even a little with these posts?
12. Eurgh, I just saw a typo in one of my old posts!
11. I really don’t have enough white backgrounds in my life.
10. I baked and totally forgot to take photos of the finished dessert before eating it, nooo!
09. The landscape in this picture is gorgeous but I look terrible in it..what to do?
08. Do other bloggers like my blog as much as I like theirs?
07. Do I have a photo that fits this post? no… *google gifs
06. The light would be perfect for a photo..argg why did I leave my camera at home?
05. Am I spamming my friends with my blog?
04. How can I make something mundane sound interesting?
03. Which social media did I forget to update today?
02. That would make a great title!
01. What will I write for tomorrow?

….I really hope I’m not alone with these weird thoughts!

What do you give daily thought to, now that you blog?xx

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